Talentless Nana Episode 4-6 Review

Has-mag e youkoso. Welcome to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese things. This time I will review Talentless Nana Episode 4-6. In the previous episode, Nana had managed to find out Kyouya’s ability, Immortality. This ability makes Kyouya a natural enemy of Nana.

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The story goes to a new chapter. After failing to kill Kyouya, Nana looks for ways to overcome his immortality. Before she can find a way, Nana looks for a new target to finish off. A student named Inukai is Nana’s next target. They start to get close after Nana uncovers Inukai’s friend’s prank with a love letter.


Inukai has the ability to heal the people she licks. Similar to the behavior of a dog in the kanji of her name. However, this ability has a risk, that is, every time she heals, her life will also decrease according to the wound she heals. This indicates that she will dead faster the more she heals.

Even though the fee was quite expensive, Inukai still chose to heal people. Because she didn’t know when she died, she would use his abilities while she can. Nana did not immediately kill Inukai, she used her as a subordinate. Because she planned to become a class president and needs an assistant.

With this position, Nana asked Inukai to help collect biodata on the strength of all the students. She does this because there was a possibility that the data she received from the headquarters would not be updated. There was a possibility that their abilities would get stronger while on the island as time passed. But new problems visit Nana.

Tsunekichi is a student with the ability to see the future. He has a photo of when Nana killed Nanao and himself. What is Tsunekichi’s purpose? will Tsunekichi survive with his ability from Nana’s attack? Watch the Talentless Nana anime through the Youtube Channel Muse Asia.

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In this episode, Nana meets three new targets and has managed to kill one of them. But the more she does, the more often her actions got suspicion from Kyouya. Unfortunately, it seems like Inukai will never doubt Nana in her entire life. Because with clear evidence of Nana’s action, Inukai still doesn’t doubt her.

I don’t know why many people are irked about Nana’s behavior. I myself am quite happy when Nana is pressed because of her target’s supernatural abilities. Starting from the target that immortal, going to the past, some can even see into the future. What is the ability of Nana’s next target?

Until now, I still don’t know the total number of students targeted by Nana. It seems that this series will not show all students and will only show the characters that are in the opening and ending. Unlike the anime Ansatsu Kyoushitsu which introduces all of its students and focuses on a few students as the main character.

There are definitely no action scenes in this episode. Nana killed each of her targets with just one attack. This is only natural because she’s trained as a killer, not a fighter. Because if she fights fairly, it must be difficult to fight students with unknown abilities.

Talentless Nana Episode 4-6 Review

So far Nana’s assassination methods have always changed considerably from target to target. The new method she uses right now is with poison. But judging from Nana’s actions, she should have had various other methods of killing. I wonder how she will kill immortal beings.

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The character that I think deserves the most to death so far is Tsunekichi. In my opinion, his actions that threatened Nana with his strength were not ethical. But unfortunately, Tsunekichi as an evil character is quite plain. Maybe because he was young so he only told Nana to do trivial things like become his girlfriend and clean his room. These anime don’t have any hot scene yet.

Talentless Nana Episode 4-6 Review

Episode 6 ends with Nana getting caught by her target. How will Nana get out of this situation? Surely she will survive because this anime still has 7 episodes left before it runs out. This time the target is quite interesting, as she disguises her true abilities and pushes Nana into a tight spot. Only this character managed to trap Nana during her operation so far. I’m looking forward to the continuation of this cute killer, how about you?

That’s all for Talentless Nana Episode 4-6 Review this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch the anime Nana via the Muse Asia youtube channels. Please help to share this anime with your hangout. See you at the next reviewer, mata ne.

Talentless Nana Episode 4-6 Review

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