Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38 Review

Has-mag e Youkoso. Welcome back to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese things. This time I will review Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38. This episode is the last episode of the first part of the second season of ReZero. The sequel will return in January 2021. What will the end of the first part of the second season look like?

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This time Subaru had a headache again after Satella appeared. Not only he not yet resolved about Echidna’s offer, the appearance of the jealous witch made Subaru even more confused. The conversation gets tough again and Subaru tries his best to defend his argument to use his return by death ability to save everyone.

This got a refutation from Satella because she didn’t want Subaru to take his life lightly and continue to make sacrifices without loving himself. Subaru was even more confused because he didn’t know what Satella meant to give him this ability. Even though Satella herself had already said the answer.

Subaru couldn’t believe that Satella gave this ability because she loved him and wanted him to respect himself. Subaru was even more confused because the other magicians each agreed with Subaru’s actions, some disagreed, and some were neutral. Finally Subaru decided to commit suicide by biting his tongue.

Minerva doesn’t want Subaru to die so she heals Subaru before our main character death for good. Subaru finally decided to reject Echidna’s offer and do his best to solve the problem he was about to face. Before returning to the real world, Satella told Subaru to kill her.

What are Subaru’s next steps? How will the first part of the second season of Re: Zero end? watch the anime Re:Zero Second Season through iQIYI.

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This episode is the end of first part from ReZero’s second season. Even so, the audience does not need to worry because the sequel will return January 2021. Let’s wait patiently for the continuation of this series while watching this fall 2020 anime. I will write about some anime that I find interesting.

You can watch this anime through the iQIYI application. This anime is not a VIP series so you don’t need to be a member to watch it. Even though there are advertisements, of course it doesn’t matter if you have enough quota and want to watch this anime legally. Indonesian subtitles are also available on the application.

A few episodes ago I quite liked the character development from Subaru. At first he was confused about how to deal with his past, until finally he was able to make peace with it and passed the first test. But unfortunately the more I come here, the character Subaru doesn’t grow up, starting from being too hesitant to hope to save people to refusing to accompany Betty.

Subaru’s character is quite unique because every time he uses his strength he will get quite heavy feedback. Starting from the pain when facing death to new information that is always there every loop. But in fact the main story is not continue and is still repeating itself to the last check point.

Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38 Review

This makes me feel that the story is just going around without any significant progress. Because every piece of information Subaru got was unable to make it up to the problem he was facing. My curiosity about this makes me still feel continue  watching this series until the first part ends.

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This anime has a rating of 17+ so this anime is not suitable for minors. Because of course it will be hard for kids understand the story of this anime. Everytime we finished an episode, not only for fun. We also got confused about our main characters dying and dying again without some progress.

Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38 Review

Luckily the animation and other technicalities are good enough for this series. I feel at ease seeing the scenery in this anime. The voice actress also played very well, especially the voice actor Subaru who managed to make me hate Subaru. Don’t forget the voice actor Echidna who plays her witch character well.

I will look forward to the continuation of this anime in January 2021. How about you? will you continue watching this anime?

Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38 Review

That’s all for Re:Zero Second Season Episode 38 review  this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch this anime through iQIYI. Please help to spread this article to your hangout. See you on the next review, mata ne.

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