Mahouka S2 Episode 3 Review

Has-mag e youkoso. Welcome to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese things. This time I will review Mahouka S2 Episode 3. The previous episode, Leo was attacked by a vampire. Fortunately his soul was not in danger but the body and the mana in his body needed to rest.

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The story begins with Tatsuya practicing together with his teacher Yakumo-sensei. During the battle Tatsuya lost because Yakumo used his illusion magic, which was even able to trick Tatsuya’s elemental sight. Yakumo said that he often uses the technique to trick the “unseen”.

Tatsuya made contact with Shizuku during recess. Because he wanted to know what the situation was about the “vampire” who was attacking Japan at the USNA. According to Tatsuya’s guess, these creatures came from the USNA so he wanted to know what events caused the appearance of these creatures.

Night fell, Erika and Mikihiko began their search for vampires. Mikihiko used a tool as their direction. The wand seemed to have a reaction if an astral creature appeared. They finally managed to find one of the vampires. The vampire is currently dealing with USNA agents and Angie Sirius.

Erika confronts Angie while Mikihiko confronts the vampire. Erika excels in close combat but Angie’s magic is superior. On the other hand, Mikihiko was trying to beat his opponent while analyzing ways to win the battle. Tatsuya saved the two of them when they were in a desperate state.

Tatsuya intended to face Angie but Angie chose to run away. Angie’s ability was able to trick Tatsuya’s “vision”. After the incident Tatsuya asked Yotsuba Maya’s permission to ask for military assistance to deal with the incident this time. Apart from that he was also looking for information regarding parade magic belonging to the Kudou family.

How will Tatsuya face Angie? is the USNA is the origin of vampires? watch the Mahouka S2 anime through the Aniplus channel.

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This episode I am quite satisfied with because the action scenes have the right portion of the story. Seen at the end of the episode this time. Looks like next week will be quite an epic battle going on. Moreover, Tatsuya was already preparing for their next fight. Unfortunately there is a scene that lacks explanation.

This scene was when Mikihiko contacted Tatsuya. After Tatsuya saved them there should be a scene when Erika protested why Tatsuya could know their activities. Then as punishment for Mikihiko they stayed and Erika huddled with Tatsuya. I think that’s what happened in the novel and manga versions.

Mahouka S2 Episode 3 Review

Fortunately, this scene is only trivial and will not affect the outline of the story. Another thing that is interesting to say is when Lina protested why high school students are strong. Especially Erika because she didn’t know that Erika in close combat was very strong. Obviously because Erika’s family trained in swordsmanship for the police.

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The animation for this episode is stable, nothing strange. Seiyuus also plays well, especially the scene of Lina’s protest which is quite cute and gives the impression that fits her character. Background animation is also quite consistent and not monotonous with the same background over and over again. But for pacing, I think it feels a bit fast.

Mahouka S2 Episode 3 Review

Apart from that. This anime is definitely still one of the anime that I will watch next week. Because the ending of this episode is quite cliffhanger and makes me wonder what will happen next. Especially for those of you who have never read comics or novels from this series. Hopefully the episode will be even more exciting next week.

So that’s all for Mahouka S2 Episode 3 review this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch this anime through Aniplus. Please help to share this review with your hangout. See you in the next episode, mata ne.

Mahouka S2 Episode 3 Review

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