Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2 Review

Has-mag e youkoso. Welcome back to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese culture. This time I will review Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2. Mahouka itself is one of the anime that I have been waiting for the sequel since its first season ended in 2014. Six years later the anime is finally getting its second season.

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The story continues from the end of his first season. When Tatsuya used his special magic to finish off Chinese troops who were about to attack Japan. The unregistered use of strategic class magic made the USNA want to know the identity of the magician. They are afraid of something they don’t know.

The USNA itself was in trouble when some of their agents chose to betrayed them. Angie Sirius got the task to investigate and eleminate the betrayer. After finishing her mission, Angie immediately went to Japan as an exchange student. Shizuku became the party from Japan who went to the USNA.

Tatsuya and his friends discussed Shizuku’s going abroad at Christmas. Fortunately she is not going to America long and will only spend three months there. That time is right for one semester of Japanese school. Because they have four semesters equal to the number of seasons in their country.

The new year has finally come. Tatsuya along with his friends paid a visit to the shrine. Dressed traditionally made Tatsuya seen as the leader of the dark side (Yakuza). Tatsuya felt Angie’s presence watching him. Especially with Angie’s unique clothes that attract the attention of people around her, making Angie quite striking.

Will Angie’s mission succeed? was Tatsuya one of the suspects that Angie was investigating? watch the Mahouka S2 anime through Aniplus-Asia.

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One of the series I’ve been waiting for is finally getting its second season. After having delayed the broadcast for 3 months. Finally, Mahouka Visitor-hen has appeared on screen. You can watch this anime legally through Aniplus. You can access Aniplus via cable tv or dens tv online but you must pay first.

The time of this anime story runs approximately a few months after the events of the first season. Because the thesis competition was held in October when the Yokohama incident occurred. The problem finally came back to Tatsuya with the appearance of a new character Angie and several “creatures” that would start appearing in episode two.

Angie herself has actually appeared in the film series Mahouka Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo. Because the film’s time setting is the transition from Tatsuya first grade to second grade. This anime is timed before the start of the story in the film. Yoko Hikasa re-plays the character Angie in this series.

Unlike the film, this time Angie’s quota appears quite a lot. Approximately half of the episode we will see the story from Angie’s side and the rest from Tatsuya. So we can conclude that Angie will be one of the key figures in this arc. In terms of a new problem this time arising from Angie’s home country, USNA. property

I quite enjoyed this anime so far. But the first episode of this series in my opinion is a bit strange from some of the cameras POV. I think some scenes do not require camera movement so that the audience can focus more on the character’s dialogue. But fortunately in the second episode this doesn’t appear again. Or is it because I watched the first episode illegally? I have no idea.

Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2 Review

These two episodes are definitely still the beginning of the story this time. There is still no interesting scene that I can describe at length what happened in this episode. There was only a small conflict between Angie and Tatsuya and the incident where Leo met a “creature” who would become an antagonist in this arc.

The epic battle scenes that I mean have appeared at the opening of this anime. The opening that Asca sang shows the exciting battles that will be present in this story. Starting from Tatsuya’s battle with Angie to Angie Vs Miyuki. I will look forward to seeing this scene appear on the anime.

Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2 Review

What do you think of the second season of mahouka so far? Does 8bit as a studio working on a mahouka perform as well this time as Madhouse? I will definitely watch the continuation of this onisama story.

That is all for Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2 review this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch this anime through Aniplus. Please help to share this review with your hangout. See you on the next review, mata ne.

Mahouka S2 Episode 1-2 Review

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