Kuma Bear Episode 7 Review

Has-mag e youkoso. Welcome to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese things. This time I will review Kuma Bear Episode 7. In the previous episode, Tiruma and Gentz ​​decided to get married and live together. They also started moving houses and living together with Fina and Shuri. What will Yuna do next?

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Yuna got a quest from Cliff to lead Noa to the capital. They will attend the king’s birthday and send the king goblin sword gift Yuna gave to Cliff. Yuna accepted the assignment but she invited Fina to go together to the royal capital. Surely she had to ask Noa’s permission first.

Noa confirmed to Fina before leaving that she would not give kuma to Fina. Because Noa really wanted to go out with Kumayuru and Kumakyuu. But she was shocked because while on the way, Noa received information that Fina had been traveling with Yuna’s two bears.

Noa hilariously proclaims Fina to be a “bear rival”. Because she felt that she spent less time with the bears than Fina. Even so, there was no ill will from her words. She was just a little jealous because Fina met Yuna sooner and was close to the bear girl.

Their journey was smooth. Even sleeping while traveling without using a tent, Yuna brings a portable house so that even though she’s on the trip, she can sleep and shower comfortably. The next day they met Misa and her grandfather. They are both nobles and know Noa.

Noa decided to go with them to the capital. Even though it made Yuna not take out a portable house because she wanted to avoid the commotion. They did this because the frequency of monsters had recently increased. Normally the road to the capital wouldn’t face as many monsters as this time.

How was Yuna’s experience entering the capital? will she find new problems? watch the Kuma Bear anime through the YouTube channels Muse Asia.

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This episode made me quite surprised. Because after reading the comics and novels from this series. I realize that there are many differences between the three versions of the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear series. The anime version experienced several cuts, starting from the character being removed to the bandit scene not included in the anime.

Even so, this reduction will not reduce your excitement in watching this series. I continue to enjoy every activity Yuna does, starting from sightseeing with Fina around the city, to Yuna’s activities to create a new menu of Hamburg steak and Hamburger. Such food had never existed before in Yuna’s current world.

Kuma Bear Episode 7 Review

Their expressions when they tasted the food were quite entertaining. Despite Shia’s character, this Noa’s sister is quite overly judging their food. Same with the expressions of Eleanora (Noa’s mother) and Noa when they eat these dishes. They were quite brave because Yuna used materials that people rarely used before.

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All of Yuna’s acquaintances advised her to open a restaurant because every dish she made was unique and delicious. But for now, she is not interested in opening a restaurant because she prefers to eat than cook. I think most people like eating more than cooking. It is possible that Yuna will open a restaurant someday.

Kuma Bear Episode 7 Review

This episode has a quite cliff ending scene. There were figures of many monsters aiming for the capital and there was a figure who seemed to be controlling the monsters. Will Yuna get another action scene for next week’s episode? The only thing that can answer that is next week’s episode.

I’m still looking forward to this anime. Although the anime has many flaws and cuts in the story. As a separate series, this anime is quite a good representative of Yuna’s adventures and entertains me as a viewer. Especially if you don’t compare this series with other versions, you will definitely enjoy this anime more naturally.

Kuma Bear Episode 7 Review

That’s all for Kuma Bear Episode 7 review this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch this anime through Muse Asia. Please help to share this anime with your hangout. See you at the next reviewer, mata ne.

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