Kuma Bear Episode 6 Review

Has-mag e youkoso. Welcome to has-mag. A place to discuss manga, anime, games, and other Japanese things. This time I will review Kuma Bear Episode 6. In the previous episode, Yuna had managed to save the orphanage and made them able to live independently. What will Yuna do next?

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The story starts with Gentz ​​proposing Tirumina. He expressed his feelings and promised to look after Tirumina and her two children. Yuna, Shuri, and Fina were secretly taking a peek at their conversation. Yuna is happy and hopes that they will become happy and lasting couples. But Fina’s arrival surprised Yuna.

Fina said that she was worried that the two of them would break up soon. It happened because of a problem when breakfast happened. At first, Tirumina just complained about Gentz’s unhealthy diet. Because he uses a lot of spices to eat eggs. The dispute spreads to Gentz ​​who does not pay attention to cleanliness and other trivial problems.

Hearing this, Yuna just thought that it was not a problem and that they would quickly get better. But Fina was still not sure so she asked Yuna to accompany her and Shuri to look for a special flower. It is said that the flower was once found by Tirumina and Gentz ​​along with Fina and Shuri’s dead father.

Yuna finally helped the siblings to find these flowers. Shuri is like other children when traveling curious about various things. Starting from approaching the bush and meeting snakes, to eating various kinds of wild fruit they find. Luckily they didn’t run into any monsters on the way.

How did their trip go? did they find the flower? watch the Kuma Bear anime via the Muse Asia Youtube channel.

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In this episode, we get another drama scene without a fight. Just a note that the entire story this week is most likely original or from the comic version. Because the novel version itself doesn’t exist at all. Even so, I quite enjoyed this episode. It’s a refreshing and nice episode.

The conflicts this time are quite interesting because they illustrate the problems that usually arise when newlyweds. For this anime, they reveal the problem of diet and lifestyle. This is only natural because two different individuals must have their own principles and habits. Solving problems like this is important in a household.

Fortunately, the problem was resolved immediately in this episode as well and did not continue until the end of the season. The innocence of Fina and Shuri is well portrayed. As small children are usually more sensitive, therefore household problems should not be brought to the dining table. Don’t let the children see or know about family problems.

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There are various funny moments present for this episode. Starting from Shuri who fought with the snake, until one of Yuna’s bears fell from the bridge but instead caught fish from the river. In addition to funny scenes, there are also scenes that are quite touching, when they save the birds and get home.

Kuma Bear Episode 6 Review

I don’t know whether this has anything to do with it or not. But the thing that Fina and Shuri gave to their parents was a blue feather. If you have ever played the PS1 version of Harvest Moon, you should have understood what it is for. Please try the game or search through a search engine for item usage.

The couple’s conflict is over and the scene continues to the cooking class. After getting the ingredients she was looking for, Yuna started making food from eggs. This time she will make a pudding as an experiment. She received help from Fina and Shuri in the cooking process. The cooking scene in the anime is quite relaxed, not as serious as the anime next door.

Kuma Bear Episode 6 Review

Seeing this episode makes me want to eat pudding while watching anime. What do you think? is this episode still exciting? or just ordinary?

That’s all for Kuma Bear Episode 6 review this time. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to watch this anime through the YouTube channel Muse Asia. Please help to spread this review to your hangout. See you at the next review, mata ne.

Kuma Bear Episode 6 Review

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