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Hi, welcome back to has-mag. Because I have not seen any signs of new anime for summer season. This time I will review Manhua Almighty Master, which I find quite interesting in terms of the story. Although the average quality is still the same as other Chinese comics.

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The story begins with the main character (MC) who learns martial arts from masters who live in remote areas. The experts had many enemies so they left a message to the MC not to mention their names when the MC went traveling. The MC come back to the city with his relative to visit his parents grave.

The MC parents themselves are gone. Until I read the latest chapter (Ch 40), it still hasn’t been explained in detail what happened to the two parents of the MC. It is also unclear why the MC had to flee to a remote place and left his parents. Plot holes like this are often found in Chinese comics.

After that the story happened similar to other Chinese comics. MC strength above average (even greater than soldier). His medical abilities are smarter than all the doctors avaible. His expertise in drawing and making poetry also impressed everyone around him.

Apart from the aspect of talent that is better than all characters. Many beautiful girls come and go for the MC. The MC himself had no intention of approaching the girls and was more focused on one of the girls (on the cover). Those of you who have time can try reading this comic, it;’ pretty enjoyable.

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My opinion is the same as people. If you like color comics and don’t have a lot of pages and text. This comic is suitable for you who are in the mood to read something quickly. Because this comic is usually updated more than 3 times a week. This can be done because the number of pages is small.

I don’t know how the publishing process for comics like this is. Therefore I do not know whether before being published, there is an editing process carried out for each chapter. Because some Chinese comics have a plothole that is very clearly seen and is somehow not corrected.

But for this comic itself such things are small. Overall I quite enjoyed reading this comic. Relaxed reading, the MC will never be pressured, and many beautiful girl appear. The weakness is in the characters in this comic. Where everyone besides the MC could be said to have a mindset that plummeted (sorry, stupid).

Such characters are often made to raise the prestige of MC as if he is the most correct and strong. Where the execution is usually too forced and the readers are confused. But strangely although there are many shortcomings, there are still readers who like this type of comic.

That’s all the review Manhua Almighty Master. Thank you for reading this review. Please help to share this review to your hangouts, thank you.

See you in the next reviewer

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